Our committee

Become a trustee and be actively involved in the learning and developement of our children

The Lenches Preschool is a charity run organisation and is registered with the Charities Commission England and Wales (Registered Charity No. 1043885).  The Charity operates with the Early Years foundation stage, which is the framework outlining the requirements that must be put in place for the welfare, learning and development of the children attending The Lenches Pre-School.

The Charity is committed to engaging a diverse committee of Trustees which reflects the society in which we operate.  The Trustees of the Charity are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in October of each year.  Our Trustees are extremely important to us, as without a full committee of Trustees the Preschool is unable to operate.  


Becoming a Trustee is a great way to put something positive back into the local community and can have many rewards and benefits.  It offers you the opportunity to become more actively and practically involved in the learning and development of your child.  It is widely recognised that when parents are actively involved their children can achieve more.  You will also have the chance to meet other parents update existing skills and learn new ones.  This can have valuable long-term benefits for you as well as the children.

Our trustees are valued volunteers

The Lenches Pre-School thrives thanks to the dedication of many different people who work with us as volunteers, members and paid staff.  As a committee member and trustee we value your contribution of time and skills as they are an essential ingredient for our continued success.  All our Trustees are volunteers.

The Trustees of the Lenches Pre-School are jointly responsible for the effective running of the Charity and making decisions regarding the management of the preschool. The Trustees have an overriding duty to act lawfully and in the best interest of the Charity and its beneficiaries.

Together, the Charity Trustees are the Registered Person with OFSTED and have overall responsibility for the childcare provision so the manager will be the person who oversees the day-to-day running of the preschool.  Although the Trustees have a shared responsibility for PreSchool the chairperson is the nominated person to represent the organisation and is the main contact with OFSTED.

The Trustee role is also subject to the requirements of suitability checks by OFSTED (EY2) and a criminal records check (DBS).  Having a conviction or not necessarily bar you from volunteering with us.  This will depend on the circumstances and background of the offences disclosed.

All Trustees will undertake training in respect of health and safety, safeguarding, confidentiality and data protection.  The Committee of Trustees meet every 6/8 weeks.

Committee members

Millie Benbow - Chairperson

Nicola Coote - Treasurer

Natalie Waters - Secretary

Stephanie Higham-Lloyd - General Member

Nicola Masters - General Member

Amy Sinclair - General Member

Keri Ford - General Member