Our Curriculum



At The Lenches Preschool our early years curriculum is designed to help children to make good progress and to equip them with the skills that they need for future learning. We value every child as an individual and plan fun and creative activities that not only foster their interests, but also extend their experiences. We aim to work in partnership with families and involve them in every step of their child’s learning journey.


Practitioners plan our continuous provision to ensure that each of the seven areas of the of the Early Years Foundation Stage learning development requirements are catered for. Positive interactions with key workers and partnerships with families allows us to identify children’s starting points and prior experiences. Practitioners take the time to get to know children, and careful observations and high-quality interactions allow us to identify children’s next steps in each area of learning, plan focused activities that build their knowledge and extend their skills.


The curriculum provides a basis from which all children can succeed and allows them to make good progress across the areas of learning. Children are given access to well planned activities and experiences that extend their knowledge and cultural capital, leading to successful transitions into their school setting. Children are happy, independent and well prepared for their future learning.